Solid Timber Flooring


Solid\Hardwood Floors Sydney

A Beautiful Home Starts With Quality Timber Flooring

Australian Hardwood floors are a reliable and beautiful option that will never go out of fashion. Being some of the hardest and most durable timbers in the world, Australian Hardwoods tick all the boxes from performance to look and feel. Solid timber Flooring requires little maintenance and can quickly add a lasting touch of real quality to any home.

Choose to install hardwood timber flooring in your Sydney home, and you are selecting a timeless flooring style. When it shows signs of its age, a simple polish will bring back the glory of its natural beauty.

Environmental Friendly Timber Flooring Sydney

Many people consider environmental concerns when deciding on a flooring option. You can rest assured that all timber flooring supplied and installed by Jaco flooring Sydney comes from carefully selected locations and is a naturally sustainable source.

Alternative Flooring Solutions To Hardwood Floors

Jaco flooring Sydney offers alternative flooring solutions, such as engineered timber flooring, hybrid waterproof flooring and laminate flooring. Please call us today if you wish to have advice on choosing the right flooring option for your home.